Easy Banana Smoothie

Ever wake-up not feeling like cooking breakfast? Rather than reaching for the coffee mug, try this easy recipe to kick-start your day with a nutrient packed smoothie. The only equipment you will need is a hand-blender or mixer.

2 ripe bananas (I usually use 2, but 1 is great too)
Soy milk

Banana SmoothieSimply remove the banana peels and place medium chunks into a blender. Then, pour (preferably organic and unflavored) soy milk to cover the bananas and a bit more depending on how thick you want your smoothie. Blend for a few seconds, et voila!

The health benefits of organic bananas and soy milk are endless, here are just a few to get you going: Potassium for regulating blood pressure & maintaining heart health, Pectin and Antioxidants for a gentle detoxification, Fibre aids & stabilizes digestion, Vitamin B-6 reduces inflammation, Proteins and Amino Acids found in Soy aid in muscle health & assist insulin production.

Change up the nutritional value to best fit your needs by adding soaked nuts or nut butters for extra protein and omega-3, freshly squeezed lime, other fruits, and health supplements. Soy milk can easily be replaced with almond milk, rice milk, cow/goat milk or even coconut water.

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