How much H2o?

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A subject of much debate and a question I have often asked myself: How much water should I really be drinking? Knowing our bodies are composed of about 60% water, it is evident we must replenish lost fluids but how much do we really need to intake and at what rate?

Wether it is to flush out toxins out of vital organs or to provide a moist environment for ear and nose tissues, every system in your body relies on water to function properly. Research shows the best way of initiating your hydration process is to start your morning with a large glass of room-temperature water. Solely through breath and perspiration, we loose 1.9g of water per minute while sleeping totaling up to almost 1 kilogram per night!

Headaches, dry mouth, dark urine, constipation, dizziness and fatigue are early but already severe signals of dehydration. Recognizing these symptoms may be especially hard when we get old, and therefore it is best to keep consistent track of your daily intake by knowing how much H2o your bottle holds. Throughout a typical day, carry a 1L reusable bottle around you and drink hourly till you have drank at least 2 bottles. A healthy adult body living in temperate climate requires 2.2 – 3 liters per day (9 – 13 cups) in both fluids and food form. Be sure to increase your H2o intake if you are sick, pregnant or breast-feeding. All persons intensively training in endurance sports must hydrate in larger quantities and include electrolytes such as Potassium and Sodium to help better absorb the water into their bodies.

If you’re like me, that sounds like a lot of H2o. So the first step is to drink a gulp NOW if you haven’t already done so. Naturally 20% of our daily intake comes from solid foods such as fruits and vegetables so perhaps, along with carrying a water bottle around, this is a good time to think about adding more raw living foods into your diet. Eating salads are very nutritious and hydrating for the body. Here are 5 fruits and veggies with their astonishing water percentage content:

Cucumber 96.7 %; Iceberg Lettuce 95.6%; Celery 95.4%; Radish 95.3%; Tomatoes 94.5%

Make a commitment to keep hydrated and journal anything you may experience. After just 1 week, I find my nails and hair look healthier, my skin feels lush and thick, bowls are more regular and my energy is stable. Find out for yourself!



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