Paros Island Retreat

paros-bay-hotel-terrace-couverte-vue-mer_422Thanks to Yoga Escape, I am leading a yoga retreat this summer in Paros, a beautiful island in Greece, June 15-22. A few steps from a sandy beach with amazing views of the sea, Paros Bay Hotel creates the perfect location to explore your yoga practice and to rejuvenate your body and mind. While giving you plenty of time to sightsee or relax on the beach, each day of practice will consist of a 2 hour Ashtanga class in the morning, and a 2 hour Vinyasa class in the evening. Here is an idea of what the program will look like:

Monday: Establishing Focus
Morning: Method + Benefits; Ashtanga
Evening: Bandhas + Dristi; Vinyasa

Tuesday: Refining our Practice
Morning: Anatomy of Breath + Pranayama; Ashtanga
Evening: Asana Seminar; Vinyasa Practice

Wednesday: Meditation
Morning: Techniques + Pranayama; Ashtanga
Evening: Yin-Yang yoga / Yoga Nidra / meditation

Thursday: Applying Yoga
Morning: 8 limb Path + Inversions workshop and working with partners
Evening: Meditation; Vinyasa Practice

Friday: Health
Morning: Nutrition, easy tips to a healthier lifestyle; Ashtanga
Evening: Vinyasa; Meditation; Satsang

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Private classes are available during retreat.

For more information, please visit
or contact Laurent Peyret, Director of Yoga Escape:
+(33) (0)6 50 93 69 26

Paros Bay Hotel Yoga Beach Retreat


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