Private Coaching

Private coaching offers tailored instruction based on your unique needs and focuses on the elements that matter most to you. We will work together on a class designed to match your level, whether you are a beginning yoga student or an experienced yogi looking to fine-tune your practice. Private sessions are also a great way to explore new aspects of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, anatomy and more.

Your private coaching sessions can also be used to cross-train and build a more well-rounded practice. I also offer:

  • QiGong classes, a powerful martial art for general healing and stimulating Prana/Qi flow in the subtle body.
  • Classical ‘Barre a Terre’ (ballet floor barre) which will focus on coordination while elongating the body and strengthening core muscles.
  • Gyrokinesis to stimulate the spine and create space in the joints, to increase range of motion, and to strengthen the body through spinal movements.

Private lessons are offered in-studio, at home or in your office.